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PT Development is a physical therapy consultation company whose main focus is to add value. The number of private practice therapists and clinics that we have touched over a 20-plus year history is remarkable. We have added value through many different business aspects, focusing on building equity in quality, customer service, advocacy leadership, and innovation.

Our marketing and branding services are very forward thinking in the PT profession, incorporating a patient loyalty process that includes mystery shopping and net promoter score analysis, with evidence based practice implications. PTD strives to work with highly motivated clients that understand that the combination of customer service and clinic al excellence results in the best outcomes and is the source for long-term sustained competitive advantage.
What's new at PTD

Equal amounts of the energy and passion that Larry Benz and the PT Development Family of Physical Therapy Companies have for physical therapy, is represented in their philanthropic work as well. Following the 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, Larry Benz founded Jacmel Rehab, a physical therapy clinic that offers free treatment to local citizens.

Through new partnerships with the Neighborhood Engagement Foundation and the PT Development Family, Larry has been able to sustain the Jacmel clinic for nearly 3 years.

Click here to learn more about the Jacmel clinic and other community projects.