8 Thought-Provoking Physical Therapy Facts You Can’t Ignore

1) Each year, 50% of Americans over the age of 18 develop a musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than 3 months.   That’s 108 million people.  The physical therapy profession is branding itself as ‘the practitioner of choice for musculoskeletal injuries’.  And while physical therapy may not be the best course of action for all of these Read More

Are You Forgetting The ‘Experience’ Part Of The Customer Service Experience?

One of my secrets for creating a superior experience for today’s customers is my  unauthorized Jetsons Approach To Customer Service.  Here’s a brief recap of the futuristic Jetsons Approach: Today’s customers want you to identify and offload service tasks that can be done better electronically than by hand: the service functions where doing things by hand is not in Read More

How To Make Difficult Conversations Easy: 7 Steps From A Clinical Psychologist

Someone is screaming in your face at the top of their lungs. Or ranting angrily and you can’t get a word in edgewise. Or maybe they’re sobbing so hard you can barely understand what they’re saying. We’ve all been there. These situations don’t happen a lot (thank god) but we all feel helpless when they do. And Read More

5 Memorable Holiday Customer Service Stories

The holidays are a special time for many people. They’re also typically filled with stress, deadlines and a ton of expectations. During these times, getting dragged through customer service frustrations can be the tipping point that turns a great holiday into a disastrous one. Fortunately, some companies realize the importance of making things right even Read More

Customer Service – Which Comes First – the Customer or Your Staff?

  Customer service is an obvious and crucial focus for any company looking for sustainable financial success.  You MUST focus on customers.  You MUST value and appreciate the business, revenue, and referrals they bring you. Customers today are leaving businesses that take them for granted.  Customers are looking for those businesses that understand they are only Read More