5 Memorable Holiday Customer Service Stories

The holidays are a special time for many people. They’re also typically filled with stress, deadlines and a ton of expectations. During these times, getting dragged through customer service frustrations can be the tipping point that turns a great holiday into a disastrous one. Fortunately, some companies realize the importance of making things right even Read More

Customer Service – Which Comes First – the Customer or Your Staff?

  Customer service is an obvious and crucial focus for any company looking for sustainable financial success.  You MUST focus on customers.  You MUST value and appreciate the business, revenue, and referrals they bring you. Customers today are leaving businesses that take them for granted.  Customers are looking for those businesses that understand they are only Read More

10 Quintessential Quotes for National Customer Service Week

It’s National Customer Service Week, a week dedicated to raising the awareness of customer service and its pivotal role in improving a brand or organization’s success, retaining customers and securing a positive reputation and increased advocacy. This year’s National Customer Service Week features daily themes that focus on some of the key elements of customer Read More

How Ritz-Carlton And Four Seasons Empower Employees And Uphold Customer Service Standards

Your business has a clear and urgent need to set and maintaincustomer service and brand standards.  On the other hand, there’s an equally clear and urgent case to be made for employee empowerment (or to use the term I prefer: employee autonomy). As a consultant on customer service and company culture, I spend a lot of time speaking Read More